Financial assistance for the purchase of your VUF carbo bike (in France)


Vehicle models eligible for assistance: New cargo bikes with or without electric assistance Amount of assistance €600 for a new cargo bike with or without electric assistance Conditions : Conditions : 

  • Give up a diesel or petrol car with a Crit'Air4 or earlier sticker.
  • Any individual residing in Paris. Associations are not eligible.
  • The beneficiary cannot be a legal entity.

Purchase aid for residents of Ile-de-France : "Île-de-France Mobilités offers additional assistance to that provided by the City of Paris. To qualify, you must first apply for financial assistance from the City of Paris. Find all the information about Paris subsidies here

Paris Region

Amount of assistance €600 for a new electrically-assisted cargo bike, 500 € for a cargo bike without electric assistance. Vehicle models eligible for assistance:

  • New cargo bike with electric assistance 50% of the price inclusive of tax, with a ceiling (paris region Mobility assistance + any local assistance) €600.
  • Cargo bike without electric assistance + safety accessories up to 50% of the price (inclusive of tax) of the bike and accessories, up to a maximum of €500.


  • Live in the Paris Region,
  • Be of legal age or an emancipated minor,
  • Have purchased their bike on or after 1 December 2019,
  • have purchased a new electrically-assisted bicycle that complies with current regulations,
  • A maximum of 1 grant per person,
  • Resale of the bike is prohibited for a period of 3 years,

Find all the information you need about Paris region grants here


Amount of assistance: €100 for the purchase, less than one year old on receipt of the application,

Types of vehicle eligible for assistance: Electrically-assisted bicycle, folding bicycle or cargo bicycle.

Condition For people whose family income is less than €1,200. Find all the information about Bordeaux here grants here


Amount of assistance: 25% of the purchase price with a maximum contribution of : 350 € for a cargo bike Vehicle models eligible for assistance: Two or three-wheeled, three-wheeled in the case of VUF Condition Vehicle models eligible for assistance:Bi ou tri-porteur, tri-porteur dans le cas de VUF Condition

-Buy a new approved bike (certificate required). For a folding bike, a valid public transport season ticket is required.

-Be domiciled in Caen (main residence)

Be of legal age

Meet the income requirements. Your reference tax income (line 25 of your last tax notice), divided by the number of tax units in your household shown on the same notice, must be less than or equal to €30,000. If your income exceeds this limit, your application will be rejected.

-Limit one application per household. Find all the information about grants from Caen here here


Amount of assistance:25% Amount of assistance: 25% of the purchase price of an electrically-assisted bicycle, up to a maximum of €400eligible bicycles: All new electrically-assisted bicycles, cycles and tricycles (including mountain bikes) that meet current European standards. Condition

-Proof of applicant's identity card

-Proof of address

-Tax statement from the taxpayer's household

-Bank details

-Proof of payment for the bike from the applicant's bank account

-Receipt of invoice clearly indicating the model of bike and the name and address of the applicant

-Bicycle technical manual or certificate of approval attesting to the bicycle's compliance with current standards (EN 15194)

-Information and commitment document signed by the applicant (download)

-Assistance can be combined with other aid schemes for private individuals

Find all the information about Marseille here grants here


Amount of assistance: 25% of the cost of the bicycle inclusive of taxup to a maximum of €400 per vehicle and up to a maximum of 10 vehicles eligible for assistance.Condition 

You are a retailer, craftsman, repairer, courier or delivery driver

The completed application form

Two original copies of the signed, undated agreement, marked "read and approved".

A copy of the purchase invoice(s) identifying the bike(s) purchased and the price including VAT

Identification of the company director or legal representative

An extract from the trade and companies register (Kbis form) less than 3 months old

A bank statement in the name of the entrepreneur or the company with the current address indicated without any handwritten additions

If you are a homecare professional

f you are a self-employed individual : a business tax assessment less than one year old showing proof of professional activity, or if you have recently set up, your registration number on the Ordre's roll, or a care sheet showing the health professional's "identification block".

In the case of a replacement : the replacement authorisation issued by the D.D.A.S.S.

If practising within a company, association, hospital or medico-social structure : l’avis d’imposition à la taxe professionnelle de moins d’un an justifiant de l’activité professionnelle ou l’extrait du registre du commerce et des sociétés (formulaire Kbis) de moins de 3 mois, ou la déclaration d’existence de l’association délivrée par la Préfecture portant mention de son activité ou un justificatif URSSAF justifiant l’activité professionnelle ci-dessus désignée

Find all the information about grants from Nantes here


Amount of assistance:25% of the purchase price (inc. VAT) of the new electric two-wheeler, up to a maximum of €200 per item.Condition

  • The original application form, duly completed,
  • The original signed agreement bearing the handwritten words "read and approved",
  • A declaration on honour (handwritten original) not to resell the subsidised electric vehicle, failing which the grant will be returned to the Metropolitan Council, and to provide proof to the Metropolitan Council department, on request, that they are in possession of the subsidised electric vehicle,
  • A copy of the purchase invoice for the electric two-wheeler,
  • A copy of the certificate of approval for the electrically-assisted bicycle or the vehicle registration document for the registered electrically-powered two-wheeler,
  • The last income tax or council tax notice, complete (two parts - no schedule, no property tax), in the same surname, first name and address as that shown on the invoice for the bike or the registration document for the electrically-powered two-wheeler,
  • The bank details. All supporting documents must bear the same address.

Find all the information on subsidies from Nice here

Orléans Métropole

Amount of assistance: In the form of a "VAE Cheque" (Electrically Assisted Bicycle), Conditions Conditions accessible to people whose CAF family allowance is less than €2,000/month. HOW DO I GET MY "VAE CHEQUE"?

Download your file: payment and VAE certificateE

Put together your application: proof of identity + proof of address + CAF receipt or last tax assessment + signed payment slip

-Hand in your completed application form to the Tao sales office at 4 rue de la Hallebarde in Orléans

Collect your "VAE cheque" immediately if your application is complete and eligible

Buy your electric bike within 1 month to take advantage of the immediate discount from partner retailers (Cf. Orléans Métropôle website)Find all the information about Orléans Métropôle subsidies here


Conditions assistance is limited to one tax household and is based on the family quota:

Family quota < €400: 50% of the purchase price/maximum €500

400 < FQ < €800: 40% of the purchase price/max €400

800 < FQ < €1,200: 30% of purchase price/max €300

QF > €1,200: 12.5% of the purchase price/max €150Individuals who can prove that they have their main residence in one of the communes within the Pays Basque-Adour Mobility Syndicate's perimeter (158 communes in the Basque Country + Tarnos) are eligible for the subsidy. Find all the information on subsidies in the Basque Country here

Région Occitane

Amount of assistance:€100 + "Safety Bonus" of 50 eurosConditions To qualify for assistance, the applicant :

Must be an individual of legal age. Legal entities are not eligible.

Must have their main residence in the Occitanie region

Must have an income tax rate of 0% (non-taxable) or a family income tax rate in the top 14% tax bracket (e.g. for a bicycle purchased in 2020, family income tax rate less than €27,519).

Must not already have received assistance under this schemeFind all the information on subsidies from the Occitanie Region here


Amount of assistance:  up to €500. Conditions

A completed application form

A copy of the invoice for the purchase of the EAB in the applicant's name

A copy of the VAE homologation certificate issued by the vendor

A copy of the most recent income tax (or non-tax) notice in the applicant's name, stating the reference tax income and the number of family quotient units in the tax household

A copy of proof of address in the applicant's name that is less than three months old

The declaration on honour, which can be downloaded opposite

An original copy of the agreement (download opposite)

A bank account in the applicant's name

The completed mobility questionnaireFind all the information about subsidies for Ruel-Malmaison here here


Amount of assistance: 200 € per household Condition on condition that the household's annual net tax income is  less than €28,800/year.In return, owners of a VAE will have to engrave their bike with Bicycode marking and keep it for 3 years. You must enclose the following supporting documents with your application:

The original signed commitment form bearing the handwritten phrase "read and approved".

A copy of the invoice for the purchase of the electrically-assisted bicycle for which the subsidy is requested, showing the applicant's full name and address, and which must be dated after the introduction of this measure (14/02/2019).

A copy of the homologation certificate for the electrically-assisted bicycle concerned

-A copy of the latest tax return showing an annual net tax income of less than €28,800/year

Proof of address: copy of an EDF or telecoms bill (less than 3 months old) with the same surname, first name and address as those shown on the invoice for the Electrically Assisted Bicycle concerned.

-A bank statementFind all the information about subsidies from Toulouse here