Hydrogen-powered e-trike: VUF Bikes and Pragma Industries win awards for the "VUF H2".

On 24 May 2023, at the 4th Hydrogénies: les Trophées de l'hydrogène competition held in Bordeaux, Bordeaux-based VUF Bikes and Pragma Industries from Biarritz were awarded the Land Goods Transport Prize for their global innovation: the VUF H2, the world's first hydrogen-powered e-trike. 

The awards ceremony took place in the plenary hall of the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux, as part of the 24th European Energy Transition Conference. 

A new vehicle 

The VUF H2, the hydrogen-powered e-trike developed by VUF Bikes and Pragma Industries, is a world first. 

Available on two chassis models designed by VUF Bikes (XXL and M models), the hydrogen system developed by Pragma Industries completely replaces the battery. This e-trike, the only one of its kind in the world, is fitted with a 3-litre to 300-bar hydrogen cylinder, a 500W fuel cell and supercapacitors, making it a lithium-free vehicle. 

This innovation improves the vehicle's durability and energy efficiency, while giving it a much longer range than its electric version (70 km on hydrogen vs. 40 km on electric). 

Winner of the Hydrogen Awards, the VUF H2 has been recognised for its exceptional performance and for the two companies' commitment to a more responsible energy transition: these innovative vehicles are mainly deployed for last-mile logistics, facilitating deliveries to local retailers and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Through our partnership with VUF Bikes, we're delighted to be able to demonstrate once again the universality of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and its potential for light transport. Hydrogen is a potential revolution, and this partnership allows us to spread the word, as well as proving that we are in reality, not fiction.” – Pierre Forté, Président Pragma Industries.

A key regional partnership serving urban logistics and the last mile 

The collaboration between Bordeaux-based VUF Bikes and Pragma Industries in Biarritz demonstrates the effectiveness of regional and local partnerships in promoting innovation in favour of the energy and environmental transition. 

Models already on the road

These new vehicles are already being used on two projects: 

- In Issy-les-Moulineaux (France), on the "Hy'nnovation" project. 4 e-trikes (2 M + 2 XXL) are currently being used by local retailers for local deliveries. A 5th three-wheeler will be delivered by the end of 2023. 

- In La Rochelle (17), as part of the "LUZO" project, 2 XXL e-trikes for a full-scale demonstration of zero-carbon urban logistics. 

A further 15 delivery tricycles are currently being produced and will shortly be deployed in other projects, mainly in the Paris region.

By listening to our customers, we realised that the autonomy of our e-trikes was a major issue for them. Last-mile operators need to be able to cover a large catchment area: 4 to 5 km around their hub over long periods of time. So this is an important criterion, and hydrogen is a coherent response. Thanks to our collaboration with Pragma Industries, we have been able to increase the range of our three-wheelers while reducing their weight by 1.5 compared with lithium batteries."Thomas Chenut, Founder and CEO of VUF Bikes.