E-trike vs Motorized Utility Vehicle


Unlike the classic utility vehicle, the bicycle is much faster than the car (over a distance of less than 5km), especially during rush hours. In addition, the bike is very maneuverable and maneuvers easily. The car is subject to the vagaries of traffic. As a result, the average speed of a bicycle in the city is 15 km/h, compared to 14 km/h for the car.

More practical

The major disadvantage of the car is the difficulty of parking. A study shows that on average, motorists spend 40 minutes per day looking for a place to park. It's only 2 minutes for cyclists.

More economical

The biggest expenses for a utility vehicle are: gas, maintenance and parking. This represents an average budget of €30,000/year. For the bicycle, its cost of use is divided by 100! (300€/year: no insurance, no gas, etc.)

Good for health

It’s no longer a secret that practicing regular physical activity is strongly recommended for your health. With the city lifestyle, it is not easy to find the time and motivation to practice a sporting activity. This is why replacing your utility vehicle with a cargo bike allows you to maintain regular physical activity and do good for your body and mind.


On average, a car emits 114g of Co2 per km traveled, compared to 0g for a bicycle. This mode of travel has a significant impact on CO2 emissions and air quality. It is therefore important to encourage its practice. Using a bicycle for business travel has multiple advantages in the city, compared to the car. Bad weather remains the real obstacle to the use of this mobility. That is why VUF offers you rain protection. This accessory can respond to this concern by offering you an effective alternative to protect yourself from the rain.