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Cyclo-logistics: VUF Bikes and Sofrigam Group launch a temperature-controlled electric scooter

FroidNews – 30/11/2023


100% carbon-free and made in France, the new cargo bike, developed by VUF Bikes and Sofrigam Group, is dedicated to professionals in the pharmaceutical and catering sectors.

Prix de l'économie Néo-Aquitains 2023: the range of Gironde businesses, between concerns and industrial bets

SudOuest – 28/11/2023

From battery design to second-hand goods, the range of entrepreneurs receiving awards at the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux on Tuesday 28 November reflects the spirit of the times...

VUF Bikes, the electric e-trike specialist for professionals

SudOuest – 15/10/2023

A major player in the ecological transition. VUF Bikes, based in Mérignac, France, manufactures electric e-trikes for urban professionals.

VUF Bikes at parcel & post in amsterdam!

Parcel & Post – 12/10/2023

VUF Bikes sera présent au salon Parcel & Post 2023 ! Avec plus de 220 exposants internationaux, l’édition 2023 s’annonce comme la plus grande et la meilleure jamais organisé.

How VUF Bikes cargo bikes conquered the streets of Bordeaux

France 3 – 11/10/2023

As a specialist in last-mile delivery, how have VUF Bikes' cargo bikes won over urban professionals? 


Pragma and vuf bikes launch hydrogen-powered e-trike

PresseLib – 8/06/2023

The company from Biarritz developed this equipment with VUF Bikes from Bordeaux. It's a world first, and won an award at the 4th Hydrogénies competition.

The VUF H2, the first hydrogen-powered e-trike, takes the prize

Supply Chain Magazine – 26/05/2023

vélo cargo VUF Bikes

Their collaboration made it possible to develop the VUF H2, the world's first hydrogen-powered e-trike. Available with two chassis models designed by VUF Bikes (XXL and M models)


Avem – Le 11/05/2023

Established in Mérignac last year, VUF Bikes, specializing in cargo bikes for professionals, is definitely a young company full of resources and projects.

La Poste acquires 600 electric cargo bikes from VUF Bikes

Voxlog – 10/05/2023

Coursier la poste avec Vélo Cargo VUF Bikes

As part of its commitment to decarbonising its delivery vehicles, La Poste group has turned to start-up VUF Bikes to equip itself with electric delivery tricycles for the last mile.

Mérignac: VUF Bikes produces La Poste’s new cargo bikes

Placeco – 24/04/2023

VUF Bikes

Based in Mérignac, the startup VUF Bikes celebrated in mid-April the delivery of the first cargo bikes delivered to the La Poste group, as part of a contract which involves the production of 250 tricycles per year.

a public partnership must boost cargo bikes in Bordeaux Métropole

La Tribune – Le 24/04/2023

La Poste, Bordeaux Métropole and the city of Bordeaux have reaffirmed their desire to decarbonise the last-mile logistics link using cargo bikes. But apart from La Poste's purchase of bicycles from Bordeaux-based manufacturer VUF Bikes, concrete announcements are still being reserved for next month's metropolitan roadmap on logistics.

B2B innovation: Next Innov rewards three regional startups

Placeco – Le 03/04/2023

Vuf Bikes - Next Innov

Adapted for the region by Banque Populaire Aquitaine Centre Atlantique, the Next Innov prize rewards three start-ups from the region for their business solutions.


With its cargo bikes, VUF Bikes achieves a breakthrough

Les Echos – Le 19/03/2023

Vélos cargo vuf bikes en production

Based in Gironde, the young company already counts Amazon, La Poste and AliBaba among its customers. It aims to triple its production this year.


Electric cargo bikes from VUF Bikes accelerate with 3 million euros

Sud Ouest – Le 03/02/2023

VUF Bikes, a company specializing in the manufacture of professional electrically assisted cargo bikes, has just completed its second fundraising in 3 years.


VUF Bikes prepares to manufacture 5,000 cargo bikes per year

La Tribune Bordeaux – Le 03/02/23

The manufacturer of professional cargo bikes, VUF Bikes is raising three million euros with the ambition to decarbonize last mile logistics in Europe. These funds will allow the Bordeaux company to increase the production capacity of the workshop and strengthen its teams with ten new employees in 2023.

CES 2023: Bordeaux-based VUF Bikes presents a cargo bike equipped with a Valeo engine

La Tribune – Le 03/02/2023

Vélos cargo vuf bikes en production

VUF Bikes will be demonstrating its new bike equipped with a Valeo engine at the CES in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2023. The Gironde company is the first to integrate this French engine, described as “overpowering”.


The VUF bicycle manufacturer displays itself with a French engine

Airzen- Le 03/02/2023

Thomas Chenut à côté de vélo VUF Bikes

VUF Bikes presents its brand new cargo bike equipped with a Valeo engine. The Gironde manufacturer positions itself as an alternative to the utility vehicle.


VUF Bikes changes gear by raising 3 million euros

Supplychainmagazine – Le 03/02/2023

A second fundraiser which says a lot about the rise of cyclologistics. After a first round of financing of €570,000 in 2020, the start-up VUF Bikes has just completed a second round, for an amount of €3 million.


Vuf Bikes raises €3M and wants to deploy its cargo bikes in Europe

Placeco – Le 02/02/2023

Vélos cargo vuf bikes en production

The startup 4 R Concept (Vuf Bikes) announces that it has completed a second round of financing of three million euros for its cargo bikes. If the primary objective is to finance the company's working capital needs, its founder, Thomas Chenut, intends to expand into Europe this year.

VUF Bikes se développe et prend la voie d'un premier tour

Cfnews – Le 01/02/2023

The former Bordeaux waste collector turned manufacturer of electric cargo bikes is accelerating saproduction with a €3m investment from iXO Private Equity, Crédit Agricole AquitaineExpansion and business angel networks, valuing the company at €10.5m.

Cyclologistics, a new sector which is being structured

Les Echos – Le 1/02/2023

Like VUF Bikes, which has just raised €3 million, specialists in cargo bikes for delivery professionals are capitalising on growing demand.






Mérignac: the ambitions of VUF Bikes, a brand of electric cargo bikes for professionals

Sud Ouest – Le 21/01/2023

Returning from CES in Las Vegas, the founder of the company is recruiting and hopes to produce a thousand scooters in 2023 from the assembly workshop located in the cargo area of the airport. At 35, the founder of the company VUF Bikesspecializing in the design, assembly and sale of electric cargo bikes for professionals, measures how far he has come. 

La Nouvelle éco : le succès exponentiel des vélos cargos bordelais de VUF bikes.

Francebleu – Le 19/01/2023

On Thursday 19 January, Thomas Chenut, founder of Mérignac-based VUF bikes, spoke to France Bleu Gironde about his company after returning from a trade show in Las Vegas dedicated to technological innovation in electronics. The company has grown from 2 to 25 employees between 2020 and 2022.


Paris: when a “last kilometer” logistics hangar nestles under the ring road

Le Parisien – Le 23/11/2021

Located in the 19th arrondissement on land belonging to the City, the P4 warehouse allows deliveries of goods while leaving trucks at the doorstep of Paris...




New Aquitaine: The rise of the bicycle

Stimulated by a strong development in uses, the bicycle industry is resurgent in France. In New Aquitaine, the Region is seeking to convert subcontractors in the aeronautics sector into component suppliers, while the sector is structured around young brands of accessories and cycles, designed and/or assembled in the region.

14 months after the presentation of its electric assistance technology for bicycles, Valeo has its first 14 customers

Valeo has obtained the trust of 14 first customers, bicycle manufacturers, for its electric assistance technology, the most efficient to date, combining efficiency, intelligence, comfort, robustness and ease of use.

VUF Bikes, professional cargo bikes made in Bordeaux

Valeo has obtained the trust of 14 first customers, bicycle manufacturers, for its electric assistance technology, the most efficient to date, combining efficiency, intelligence, comfort, robustness and ease of use.

VUF Bikes, professional cargo bikes made in Bordeaux

Great success for these Palois who, after designing their electric scooter in 2014, saw demand from transport professionals and communities explode…

New Aquitaine: A sector is being organized around cargo bikes

Whether for last mile delivery, crafts or home service, more and more entrepreneurs are adopting the cargo bike or tricycle for their activities, the development of which has accelerated since the Covid crisis.