The innovative solution for the SNCF Réseau group: VUFBikes

RReducing the use of thermal vehicles over short distances, and offering innovative travel solutions to employees represents a main desire for SNCF Réseaux. In March 2019, Sncf Réseaux decided to carry out an experiment on its train repair sites called “Intrapole”.

An innovative need

Sncf Réseaux wants a system that will allow it to modernize its transport fleets and make their travel more fluid. It also wants to reduce the use of thermal vehicles over short distances. They decide to use innovative travel solutions for their employees through V.U.Fbikes. The system is then tested on the 16 intrapoles for three months. If this test proves conclusive, the company has the possibility of purchasing their V.U.F. e-trikes.

Sncf Réseaux in a modernization process

In order to carry out their mission, Sncf Réseau decides to use V.U.F. systems. Its playful side, its stability and its quick handling appealed to the group. This will allow the railway company to transport heavy and non-bulky loads from one Hangar to another. Indeed, being able to move around without taking the car, in gentle mobility, in the open air, quickly and safely reflects a practical solution that appeals to staff. In addition to having advantages in the industrial sector, VUF advantageously replaces light utility vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines on industrial sites. Their maneuverability and modularity make it possible to enter buildings and intervene as close as possible to production lines. V.U.FBikes will therefore allow the group to meet their different needs.