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The VUF H2 E-trike

Comfortability, modularity, and large payload

The VUF H2 is the world's first electric bicycle powered by hydrogen - the ultimate solution for last-mile delivery.

Available on the M and XXL MAX models, the integrated hydrogen system developed by Pragma Industrie replaces entirely the battery.This e-trike , the only one of its kind in the world, is equipped with a 3-litre 300-bar hydrogen cylinder, a 500W fuel cell and supercapacitors, making it a truly innovative lithium-free vehicle.

VUF H2 specifications :

1. technical specifications

Electrically assisted e-trike (European Directive 2002/24/EC)

BAFANG / 250 W central motor

95 Nm

L: 1300 x W: 870 x H: 1360 

150 kg / 1400L

NF r30-101 + NF R30-050 + DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

2. energy system

Fuel to cell (PEMFC) 480W  - Hybridisation supercapacitors

Dihydrogen (H2)  purity 99.95%

63g  3L Tank

300 bar 

Stäubli 300 bar quick coupling

0°C / +45°C

20°C / +60°C

Why choose vuf h2?

Our VUF H2 electric bike is a lithium-free vehicle.

This innovation improves the durability and efficiency energy of the vehicle, while offering greater range than the electric version.

The VUF H2 was awarded the Land Freight Transport Prize at the Hydrogénies 2023 for its exceptional performance: these innovative vehicles are mainly used in the improving the last mile, facilitating deliveries to local businesses and contributing to the and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



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