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The VUF XXL MAX is a professional e-trike that is easy to drive, has a high carrying capacity and an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

This large carrier is ideal for transporting heavy loads and bulky and/or oversized loads. 


Even loaded to its maximum, this cargo bike is capable of crossing parking lot exit ramps as well as hills up to 18%.


With its width of 1,10m, the VUF XXL MAX has a very good ground clearance while remaining in the standards of width of the cycle tracks.

Triporteur XXL Poly

Description E-trike XXL MAX

150 Kg


250 W

Motor power

25 Km/h

Bridage de l’assistance


triporteur VUF XXL triporteur XXL

The VUF XXL MAX is 2.7 m long and 1.1 m wide. The wheelbase is limited to the average width of the European cycle paths. The motor power is 250 W (EPAC legislation), and the speed is limited to 25 km/h.
Load and capacity:
– on the front base 25 kg or 20 L
- on the rear base 150 kg or 1400 L

Our E-trikes are fitted with hydraulic disc brakes allowing a very high quality of braking in all conditions (with or without load). These brakes come with a parking brake to immobilize the cargo bike when stopped.

The rear load base measures 130×87 cm (51x34 inches). We limit the overall height to 180 cm (71 inches) so that the e-trike can fit into basements limited to 190 cm (75 inches) and so that the driver is as comfortable as possible. The maximum load is 150 kg or 1400 L.

Our professional E-trikes are powered by either Bafang, Valeo or Shimano motors, perfectly suited for cargo bikes and load carrying. With a nominal power of 250 W, the electric assistance is activated at the first pedal stroke.

Our E-trikes are provided with Bafang, Valeo or Shimano batteries. The charging time is from 4 to 6 hours, and the autonomy depends on the charge and the level of electric assistance programmed, from 25 to 60 km. Robust, they can endure temperatures from -10°C to +50°C, and their life span is 1000 cycles.

Our handlebars are real control centers where all the commands are centralized for an optimized comfort on the road: brake commands, gear change, management of the electric assistance, mirrors...

The front-loading base measures 49.8×32.2 cm, and can hold all types of small boxes up to 50×65 cm. We limit the height to 40 cm so that the driver is not hemmed in his driving and vision. The maximum load is 15 kg.

Our three-wheelers are equipped with a front light and a rear reflector.




Length: 2700 mm (106 inches) 

Width: 1100 (43 inches)
Handlebar height: 980 (38 inches) 



Spoked wheel (Aluminium)

Spoked wheel (Polymer)

Spoked wheel (Aluminium)

E-trike weight: 70 kg
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
Front payload : 10 kg
Rear payload : 150 kg

Materials used: 

Frame: Chromoly steel 

Boxes : Aluminium - Polypropylene - Sheet metal - Dibond


Triporteur Froid actif

Active Cold :

Large active cold insulation box,ATP certified. Particularly useful for transporting pharmaceutical products and/or foodstuffs.

Cleaner :

Large, ventilated, robust and secure box. Our cleaner box allows you to transport equipment and green waste in dedicated compartments..

Triporteur froid passif

Passive Cold :

ATP-certified passive cold insulated box. The box can be used to transport passively cooled foodstuffs or medical equipment.

Triporteur street stand

Street Stand:

Perfect for communication campaigns. The Street Stand box is very popular for street marketing campaigns or outdoor services..

Triporteur transport passager

Taxi :

Module for transporting 1 or 2 passengers. Our Taxi module offers safe, comfortable transport: it's particularly suitable for sightseeing or guided tours..

Triporteur Poly

Transporteur Poly :

Large, secure, watertight box. This box is specially designed for transporting large volumes: it is particularly suitable for the distribution sector..

Triporteur XXL MAX avec caisson Aluminium

Transporteur Alu

Like the Poly box, the Alu box is particularly suitable for transporting large volumes : goods delivery service, parcel transport, etc....


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