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VUF messenger

The VUF Messenger is a lightweight E-trike, easy to ride in urban areas.

Its modularity makes it a perfect tool for downtown use and for intra-site trips: it can be equipped with a box or a trailer, depending on your needs.

With its width of 90cm, the VUF M has a very good ground clearance while remaining within the standards of width of the cycle tracks.

triporteur VUF Messenger

E-trike Description

100 Kg


250 W

Motor power

25 Km/h

Assistance support


triporteur VUF M

Le VUF M mesure 2,25 cm de long pour 90 cm de large. L’empattement est limité à la largeur moyenne des pistes cyclables françaises. La puissance moteur est de 250 W (législation VAE), et la vitesse bridée à 25 km/h.
Load and capacity:
– on the front base 10 kg or 20 L
– sur la base arrière 100 kg ou 1,1m3

Our E-trikes are fitted with hydraulic disc brakes allowing a very high quality of braking in all conditions (with or without load). These brakes come with a parking brake to immobilize the cargo bike when stopped.

The rear loading base measures 130×76 cm. We limit the total height to 180 cm to make the driver as comfortable as possible. The maximum load is 150 kg or 1400 L.

Our professional E-trikes are equipped with either Bafang, Valeo or Shimano motors, perfectly adapted to cargo bikes and load transportation. With a rated power of 250 W, the electric assistance is activated as soon as the first pedal stroke is made.

Our E-trikes are equipped with Bafang, Valeo or Shimano batteries. The charging time is approximately 4 to 6 hours, and the autonomy ranges from 25 to 60 km depending on the charge and the level of electric assistance programmed. Robust, they can endure temperatures from -10°C to +50°C, and their life span is 1000 cycles.

Our handlebars are real control centers where all the commands are centralized for an optimized comfort on the road: brake commands, gear change, management of the electric assistance, mirrors...

The front-loading base measures 49.8×32.2 cm, and can hold all types of small boxes up to 50×65 cm. We limit the height to 40 cm so that the driver is not hemmed in his driving and vision. The maximum load is 10 kg.

Our E-trikes are provided with a front light and a rear reflector.



Height : 98 cm

Front : 61 cm

Rear : 51 cm

Clearance : 18,5 cm

Lenght : 60 cm

Width : 40 cm

E-trike : 40 kg

Maximum user weight : 120 kg

Front payload : 10 kg

Rear payload : 100 kg


triporteur VUF M
caisson triporteur VUF M