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Our trailer for e-trikes and cargo bikes

Comfortability, modularity, and large payload

The VUF trailer is a utility trailer for electric bicycles, designed to carry heavy loads (up to 150 kg). Its large load area, hydraulic disc brakes and three wheels make it a safe and manoeuvrable utility solution.

It can be fitted with a customised box to protect the goods being transported.

The VUF trailer is compatible with all VUF E-trikes as well as all types of bikes and e-bikes.

Technical information

Length (A) = 230 cm.

Width (B) = 95 cm.

Height (D) = 74cm.

Shwalbe SuperMotoX
Wheel diameter: 51cm // 20.1in

Length: 170cm // 66.9in
Width: 67cm // 26.4in

35 kg.

150 kg.

125 cm.

E-trike trailers: who are they for?

Who is the trailer for three-wheelers and cargo bikes designed for? 


Thanks to its high load capacity (150kg), the trailer can be used différents cas d’usage et s’adresser à de nombreux professionnels !

The trailer is obviously ideal for transporting goods, particularly for the last mile in town.


Equipping your cargo bike with a trailer and a box can be very useful for urban transporters, particularly when it comes to transporting heavy loads with urban agility thanks to the bike. 

What's more, the cargo bike trailer is not just for logistics professionals, but can also be used by other entities such as local authorities ,for a variety of activities: waste collection, tourist activities, etc.

trailer component

composants remorque triporteur

Our trailer is equipped with a rear light and brake lights.

The front and rear wheels are adapted to the trailer.

La structure tubulaire a été conçue pour résister aux contraintes du chargement et de l’utilisation sur route. 

The third wheel gives the trailer excellent stability and manoeuvrability when in use.


The Trailer Transporteur is a box specially designed for transporting very large volumes.It will be very useful for various activities such as transporting equipment or goods, removals, collecte d’encombrants

remorque VUF Bikes
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