accessoires pour triporteurs


The unlimited modularity of VUF's three-wheelers gives you the freedom to adapt your three-wheelers and our accessories are designed to meet the needs of urban professionals. 

Our options are available according to the model of e-trike (XXL MAX , XXL FIT or M) and also according to the type of engine.


antivol fourche pour vélo cargo

Anti-theft Fork

Allows you to secure your e-trike.

Clignotants pour triporteurs

Turn signals

Can be fitted to the front or rear of the bike.

Contenant Avant pour triporteur

Front container

For transporting simple objects.

Luggage rack

For transporting small objects.

Rain Protection

Protects against rain and wind.

vides poches pour triporteur

Trash chutes.

Practical and solid.

Batterie électrique Bafang pour triporteur

Bafang battery

Bafang brand battery.

Batterie électrique Shimano pour triporteur

Shimano Battery

Shimano brand battery.

Batterie Valeo pour triporteur

Valeo Battery

Valeo Brand Battery

VUF Bikes: 100% modular e-trikes. 

Getting around town has never been easier or more efficient, thanks to our e-trikes designed for the urban professional. Our aim is to help urban professionals deal with the urban problems they face: traffic jams, parking, high costs, etc.  

Our e-trikes are 100% modular, so they can be used for a wide range of professional purposes: delivery, collection, transport, outdoor activities, etc.  

Our range of accessories :

All our accessories are designed to make life easier for urban professionals.

Storage compartments, lighting, rain protection... every accessory has been designed to meet the specific requirements of your business.  

Our Made in France production guarantees the quality of our products while reducing their carbon footprint.  

Our aim is always the same: to offer the ideal e-trike for the urban professional.