The scooter

What’s a scooter?

The VUF scooter is a cargo bike that has 3 wheels: 1 in the front and 2 in the back. The VUF is compact and a box can be placed in the rear. It can therefore be used to transport merchandise. Cargo trucks are very common in the Nordic countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. Its use is gradually developing in France thanks to the development of the bicycle network and its ease of use. The VUF scooter is an electrically-assisted scooter, known as a VCAE for Vélo Cargo à Assistance Électrique. This makes the VUF usable in all circumstances: hills, long journeys, heavy loads…

How can you use the scooter?

Scooters are designed for transporting large volumes and weights by bicycle. The scooters have a perfect stability when stationary and at low speed. They are a very versatile means of mobility. They can carry children, groceries and can replace any light commercial vehicle. The 3 wheels, the electric assistance and the tilting system make them a safe, stable and comfortable solution. In addition, VUFs are available in multiple versions depending on your business: delivery drivers, craftsmen, industrialists, catering / itinerant businesses, … The unlimited modularity of the VUF allows you to adapt to your needs.

Scooter : The transport bike or utility bike par excellence

Our VUF scooters are designed to withstand intense use. They are equipped with a motorization perfectly adapted to cargo bikes and load transport. Our choice of brakes allows a very high quality of braking in all conditions (with or without load). You will also find a parking brake that allows you to stop the tricycle when stationary.
Develop your various economic activities with an Electrically Assisted Cargo Bike (EACB) in a more ecological and economical way. It is the urban mobility tool par excellence. The scooter is economical, versatile, easy to handle and environmentally friendly!