From need to concept

After two years of pilot project La Recyclette crossing the centre of Toulouse to collect frying oils with a utility bike, we realized the absence of bikes adapted to the transport of important loads. We have imagined the VUF’s concept and meet with three issues: To avoid the access problems in the city centre, to reduce the noise and air pollution and to decrease the transport costs.



The idea of VUF? Return to a French bike production. An 85 % of a VUF is made in France. We import the components of the bike only. The frames, the boxes, the trailers and the VUFs assembly are done in France.



Our objectives are the sustainable mobility and the respect of the physical integrity of users. We focus our energy on the development of an ideal, ergonomic and robust cargo bike. Our tricycles are made in small series. These are utility vehicles produced by hand and “made-to-measure” that means they are differents from the traditional mobility and offer a new way to professionals. We count on the quality and the durability of the components, also on the customer feedback to keep upgrade our products. Indeed, we are searching a compromise between the two fundamental power sources: the electric engines and the muscular work.