Triporteur Français

The History of the French tricycles

Faced with environmental challenges, the growth of the scooter in cities is significant. Indeed, this new mode of delivery is part of an eco-delivery approach.

How has the tricycle established itself as a new form of mobility in dowtown?

The first tricycles

The first tricycles appeared in the 1820s. This first “industrial” model of tricycle is made in England, by James Strarley. At that time, tricycles were made for walking purposes but not yet for business trips.

It is from 1870 that the tricycle is used for the displacement of workers. In 1890 the firemen use it to move around. The first tricycle-bearer thus the scooter appears at this time. It is equipped with a pedal system. It is used in the trade but its application remains complicated and restricted because of the paving of the cities.

The interest of large French companies

In October 1899, the under-secretary of State for the Post Office, Léon Mougeot, announced in the magazine Touring Club de France that he wanted to use a scooter to transport mail. This is not a tricycle but a scooter, with a driving wheel at the rear, two steerable wheels at the front and a central trunk, which can hold 20 to 25 kilos. The scooter then found its place in urban logistics.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the first mass-produced professional models appeared, such as the Hirondelle, manufactured by the Manufacture d’armes et de cycles de Saint-Étienne. The Hirondelle tricycle was designed to carry a load of 50 to 100 kilos and to travel at a speed of 12 to 15 kilometres per hour. Models are available with an open or closed box and even a varnished wooden box.

In the 1950s, Casino decided to set up home deliveries using couriers on a scooter. This was the invention of the ship-from-store concept. During this decade, Jacques Pinoteau made Le Triporteur, which encouraged its development in the morals. As a reminder, at that time the scooter was used in city centres by bakers and food shops.

VUF tricycle

To continue the innovations set up by James Starley, Léon Mougeot, and by the development of the delivery by tricycle of Casino, is a continuation of these pioneers of the tricycle. The advantages of the VUF tricycle can be found in its ease of movement. It is an economical means of mobility and is especially adapted to the narrow streets of city centres.

The VUF electric-assisted tricycle can be used for various logistics services such as mail and parcel delivery and home shopping. Other possibilities can of course be studied according to individual needs. Don’t hesitate to consult all of our electrically assisted cargo bikes!