What is the difference between an electric bicycle and an electric-assisted bicycle?

Characteristics of electric bicycles

Electric bikes, also known as speed bikes, can travel at up to 45km/hour. On the other hand, Electrically Assisted Bicycles, or EABs, whose assistance is cut off when the 25 km/h speed limit is reached. Electric bikes can go up to 45km/h without any effort. However, electric bicycles are classified as mopeds. They therefore require the wearing of a helmet and gloves, registration, insurance and a ban on riding on cycle paths.

Characteristics of power-assisted bicycles

Both types of bikes are equipped with a motor powered by a rechargeable battery, however, their power is not the same. An EAB is limited to 250W while an electric bicycle has double that, i.e. 500W. From a legal point of view, the latter is a moped. It is also important to make the difference between an Electrically assisted cargo bike. The tricycles offered by VUF fall into the category of Electrically Assisted Cargo Bikes (EACB), they have a maximum engine power of 250W for a maximum speed of 25km/h.