Secure Padlock Bracket

Space-saving fixed rod. A fixed rod cannot be adjusted. 2 keys. Fits 1 inch and 1,25 inches handlebars. With wire – length of wire: 59 inches.

Front pocket divider

The Front pocket divider combines a large transport basket with a container and can be locked. The crate has a volume of 18 l and a load capacity of 15 kg. The basket is removable.

Heating Sleeves

Waterproof Neoprene exterior. Thermal eco-fur lining. Reflective pattern for high visibility. Anti-theft fastening system.

Rear Turn Signal

The rear turn signal light has sensors to indicate braking. The remote control on the handlebars will allow you to show motorists the direction you are going to take.

Rain Protection

The Rain Protection has 2 windshields adjustable which allow having a protection window in case of poor visibility. The top of the windshield with a hood is removable.