VUF cargo bikes are robust and ergonomic, they are 100% electric utility bikes that can be set up in most major industrial sites as intra-site reference vehicles (automotive industry, petrochemical sites, metallurgy, aeronautics…).

Why choose VUF cargo bikes for maintenance applications?

  • Versatile and 100 % electric: The VUF ranges can advantageously replace petrol or diesel powered light commercial vehicles for the movement of your teams. The ultra-compact size and the absence of CO2 emissions make it possible to enter buildings and to be positioned as close as possible to the intervention sites.


  • Economical: The choice of a fleet of electric cargo bikes will free you from the management of fuel cards, from the expensive maintenance costs linked to the use of low-stress thermal engines (injector, clutch, etc.) and will greatly reduce the risk of using off-site vehicles.

Discover our 100% electrical configurations for your maintenance offer:


  • VUF boxes, aimed more particularly at technical teams. Ideal for example for the maintenance of installations.


  • VUF trailers, perfectly adapted for the transport of heavy loads (payload up to 250 kg) and large volume (1215L).