VUF cargo bikes are robust and ergonomic. They are 100% electric utility bikes that can be installed in most major industrial sites as intra-site reference vehicles (automotive industry, petrochemical sites, metallurgy, aeronautics…).

The benefits of VUF for the industrial sector

  • Versatile : Whether in box or trailer version, our VUFs are the solution for transporting tools, equipment and your teams from one point to another on your industrial site.
  • Economical: The choice of a fleet of electric utility cargo bikes will free you from the management of fuel cards, from the expensive maintenance costs linked to the use of low-stress thermal engines (injector, clutch...) and will greatly reduce the risk of using off-site vehicles.
  • Ecological: Quiet and without CO2 emissions, our VUFs allow you to drive inside industrial buildings without causing any inconvenience.

Why choose a VUF utility bike for the industrial sector?

Our cargo bikes advantageously replace light commercial vehicles with petrol or diesel engines on industrial sites. Their manoeuvrability and modularity allow them to enter buildings and work as close as possible to the production lines.

Discover our 100% electrical configurations for industrial sites:


  • VUF boxes, aimed more particularly at technical teams. Ideal for example for the maintenance of installations.



  • VUF trailers, perfectly adapted for the transport of heavy loads (payload up to 250 kg) and large volume (1215L).