Among our range of VUF electric cargo bikes, many models are ideal for use both inside and outside of hospitals. The various configurations available allow us to respond efficiently to the needs of hospitals and health services.

The advantages of electricity for the health sector

Hospitals are ideal places to accommodate our electrically assisted scooters. Their use on or around closed sites has several advantages:

  • Ecology: Our VUF do not emit CO2 during their use, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Discretion: The silent nature of our electrically-assisted cargo bikes considerably reduces noise pollution. Maintenance workers can work at any time without disturbing patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Image: By choosing electric, they are committed to sustainable development and reinforce this positive image.

Why choose VUF power-assisted cargo bikes for your hospital?

A VUF can be easily moved around the entire site without hindering the flow of patients and professionals. Thanks to a payload of up to 250kg and 400L, as well as a very high manoeuvrability, our VUF prove to be real working tools.

VUF is also the perfect 100% electric utility for the maintenance of green spaces, for the disinfection of your interior and exterior spaces as well as for small maintenance.



Numerous options and equipment make it possible to adapt this vehicle to the jobs of your agents.