The VUF ranges offer tailor-made solutions for a multitude of applications such as refuse collection, park and garden maintenance or public space planning.

The benefits of electricity for collectivities

  • Economical: You are part of the energy transition by adopting 0% emissions with us, and a total reduction in your carbon footprint.
  • Clean: Town centres are increasingly constrained by environmental standards. Therefore, SUVs are ideal to ensure urban deliveries that respect the environment.
  • Discreet: Thanks to their modularity and electric character, SUVs are perfect for driving in city centres without causing any inconvenience to city traffic or local residents.

Why choose VUF for the maintenance of public spaces?

  • A real work tool: The manoeuvrability and tight turning radius allows you to drive in the narrowest and most inaccessible streets in city centres. The VUF provides an ergonomic and safe solution for street cleaners. It is possible to collect heavy waste such as glass, bulky items or rubble.
  • Multiple equipment, multiple tasks: Many cities, urban communities, metropolises or rural communities have chosen our electric scooters equipped with crates or trailers adapted for the collection of bulky waste, baskets or wild waste.

VUF is also the perfect all-electric utility vehicle for the maintenance of green spaces. Numerous options and equipment make it possible to adapt this vehicle to your agents’ jobs.